09:57 17/10/2016 - Social Quirk - Becky Ladley

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The name may be a little misleading.

We’ve been in business for FOUR YEARS on 18th October, so we’re throwing FOUR DAYS worth of party, not just the one.

Some might say we take our birthday a little too seriously. I mean, at this rate, by the time we turn 30, our birthday will last an entire month… though we’re not sure why that would be a bad thing!

Day 1: 17th October

The day before our birthday is always full of excitement. What presents will we get? What will our cake be like? How many “happy birthdays” will we get over Twitter? And we want to share that excitement with you!

And that excitement will be in the form of a special offer:

Book Skype training with Social Quirk in honour of #SocialQuirkDay

That’s right. We’ve recently added Skype training to our list of services, and anyone who books training with us on the 17th gets a 50% discount on our normal rate… and you can book up to 12 hours!

We have terms and conditions here, so go read them if you’re interested, and you can use our Contact page to get in touch if you want to claim the offer.

Day 2: 18th October

This is the big day itself.

Already on our agenda is a nice lunch out in Leeds and a networking event at The Alchemist (which is bound to be amazing – have you seen their cocktails?), and we’ll be doing some fun and interesting work – no tax returns on our birthday, thank you very much! And there’ll be cake, natch.

But we don’t want to be alone on our birthday, so get ready for some epic Instagram Stories and Facebook Live streams all day long.

Spend #SocialQuirkDay with us on Facebook and Instagram

Get up close and personal with the best day on SQ’s calendar.

Day 3: 19th October

The day after our birthday, we feel like putting out feet up and letting someone else do the hard work.

Luckily our clients The Met Club are throwing our birthday party! Well, almost… we’re sponsoring their networking event in association with Leeds Business Week. Put over 100 local business people in a bar, and you’ll have one hell of an evening.

Come along to our sponsored The Met Club event in Leeds

We’d love you to join us – the event starts at 17:30 at Restaurant Bar + Grill in Leeds, and costs £12. You can book onto it here.

Day 4: 20th October

We’ll let you in on a secret. This day is actually our owner Becky Ladley’s birthday. So she’ll be taking a lovely day off, and leaving you guys a competition to take part in while she’s off having fun.

Enter our #SocialQuirkDay competition to win a Strategy Plan

Hopefully #SocialQuirkDay will go down in history as one of the best birthdays ever, but we’d like to hear about some other company birthdays. Tell us about your Best Business Birthday, and the first name out of the hat wins.

And the prize? A bespoke social media strategy plan worth £200, that will set your company’s social media on the right track.

Just comment the answer on our birthday Facebook or Instagram post to enter. Here are the full terms and conditions if you’re nosy.

And that’s it!

We hope you’re excited to spend our birthday with us! Best of luck to everyone and if you’d like to know more about any of our birthday plans just ping us.

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