Ongoing Social Media Support and Maintenance

supporting your social media marketing activities

From keeping up your momentum, to making sure you’re always up-to-date on the latest social media changes, to taking it off your hands completely, there’s no better option than one of our retained packages.

As an added bonus, with any of the below packages you’ll benefit from both our Mini Social Media Support services.

Basic Ongoing Support

The first level of retained support includes one monthly “hands-on” half-day, where we’ll come and work with your team as an ongoing mentor to ensure your business remains on top of the ever-changing social media world. We might be talking changes to platforms, brainstorming content, or assessing recent post performance – it’s up to you!

Enhanced Ongoing Support

For the second level of retained support, you get the monthly “hands-on” half-day per month from the Basic package. We will also track the performance of your social media across all platforms on a monthly basis and update your Social Media Strategy regularly. You retain the management of your social media in-house, but with our assistance it will take you much less time and be much more effective!

Ultimate Ongoing Management

The first tier of retained management takes some of the pressure off you by managing the scheduling of your social media posts. You’ll get two hours of client-facing time per month (it’s up to you whether that’s a single meeting or 30 minutes each week) and we’ll also be responding to comments and escalating enquiries up to you.

We’ll post to Facebook and Instagram, buy we can also post to any other platforms relevant to your business – LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Google My Business, etc – for an additional fee.

Super Ultimate Ongoing Management

The highest and most awesome level of retained management consists of complete management – think posting to all platforms, blogging, paid-for ads, everything!

We’ll manage all of your social media for you: posting regularly to all your social media platforms, responding to comments, and escalating enquiries where necessary; we’ll also be running ads, evaluating post performance and regularly tweaking your strategy to give you the best presence on social media. You’ll get two hours a month of contact time to make sure you know what’s going on online and we know what you’re doing offline.

What people say…

Friendly, open and knowledgeable about all things social media, Becky has a unique talent for knowing the ways to get the best out of a business.

– Colette, Dragonfire Glass

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