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All of our Social Media Set-Up/Revamp packages include setting up from scratch or completely revamping your presence on one to four social media platforms. We’ll make sure your pages look fantastic, are optimised for search, and that you’re getting all the notifications you need (and none of the ones you don’t).

Basic Set Up or Revamp

The Basic Social Media Set-Up/Revamp is for businesses focusing on just one social media platform, usually Facebook or Instagram.

Enhanced Set Up or Revamp

For the slightly more advanced, the Enhanced Social Media Set-Up/Revamp focuses on two platforms, perhaps Facebook/Instagram or Facebook/Twitter, or even Snapchat/LinkedIn if that’s how you roll.

Ultimate Set Up or Revamp

For those intent on taking their social media to the next level, our Ultimate Set-Up/Revamp takes care of three platforms for you – will it be the the big three (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter), or perhaps you focus on imagery (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest) or maybe you dig B2B and an SEO boost (Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+).

Super Ultimate Set Up or Revamp

For those that want it all, the Super Ultimate Social Media Set-Up/Revamp sorts out four platforms for you. Get your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn all sorted, or throw in Google+, Pinterest, YouTube or any others you like!

What people say…

Becky really knows her stuff!

– Paul, PNPR

Becky is well organised and her research into our organisation and how we could improve our social media presence was excellent, enabling her to give us informed and helpful information that immediately made a difference to our business.

– Diana, Surrey County Council

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