Improve your Facebook Page for the new Facebook Page Layout 2016

13 Actions To Quickly Improve Your Facebook Page

11:12 24/08/2016 - Facebook - Becky Ladley

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If you haven’t navigated to your Facebook page recently, you may have missed how different it looks these days!

New Facebook page layout as seen on the Social Quirk page

We talked a little bit about what’s changed and how fantastic this new layout is in our Live Stream last week (you can catch it here if you haven’t seen it).

Lots of people set up their Facebook pages and forget about them. When did you set up your page – 5 months ago? 5 years ago? Do you know that everything is still current? Does it all still look as great as it did on day one? Do you think your customers might be getting a little bored of your photos?

The new Facebook layout is a great opportunity to give your Page a bit of TLC. We’re going to walk you through some of the key steps – and here’s a handy checklist to print out to make sure you don’t miss anything off!


The two main images on your profile are still your profile picture and your cover photo.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture (the smaller, square one), has been moved from its previous position covering over part of your cover photo. It is now immediately above your company name.

Remember that your profile picture is the little one that shows up next to your posts across Facebook. It’s important that it is distinctive and recognisable everywhere it appears. If you’re currently using a version of your logo which is shrunk down to fit the full text of your company in, why not switch it out for one that focuses more on an icon or image that represents your company – maybe even a headshot if you’re a sole-trader.

The profile picture will be displayed as 160 x 160 pixels on your page, so ensure it’s at least this big, and that it’s square. However, if anyone clicks on it, it gets expanded up to the full size, so feel free to upload a larger square image.

When updating your profile picture, remember to fill in the description in the box above the crop screen:

Uploading a new profile picture on the new Facebook page layout 2016

This is because, when you change your profile picture, Facebook automatically generates a Facebook post that may appear in others’ News Feeds. If you leave the description blank, it’s just an image; if you add text, it’s so much more. Don’t forget to include a link to your website too!

The update you will see after editing your profile picture on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Action 1: consider changing your profile picture to a text-free version. Remember to fill in the description, including a web link.

Cover Photo

The big rectangular image at the top of your profile is your Cover Photo, and it’s there to give your page a bit more character.

The new Social Quirk cover photo for the new Facebook page layout 2016

First things first, the image size on desktop has changed slightly – it is now 828 x 315 pixels. Even if you like your photo the way it is, you should update the size to make sure it displays as intended. When considering the composition of your image, don’t forget to check how it looks on a mobile device too, where it displays more squarely as 640 x 360 pixels.

The next big change is that the items that were previously covering over the image – your profile picture, company name and call-to-action buttons – are now found elsewhere on the page, leaving the cover with a nice clean look. There also used to be a dark gradient over it, which doesn’t exist anymore. What this means is that you can design a cover that will display exactly how you want it to.

But what to put on your cover photo? Since it’s almost certainly the first thing visitors will see when they arrive on your page, it’s important to make an impact with it! Here are some ideas:

  • put a nice big call to action on it
  • express yourself
  • give more information about an offer, event or new service
  • show off a great photo of your team, office or venue
  • tie in with local, national or seasonal holidays

After you’ve uploaded your cover photo, remember to click on it then edit your description.

Action 2: update your cover photo, sticking to the new dimensions, and make sure it’s good and engaging. Stick in that description and double check how it looks on mobile.

Page Header

There’re a few things to look at in your page header. Most have been around for a while. If you haven’t gotten around to setting them up yet, now is the perfect opportunity!

Verified Badge

Blue verified badges have been on Facebook for ages, but a while ago Facebook added a grey verification badge for smaller businesses. Adding it to your page has a number of benefits. Your business will show up higher in search feeds, plus you’ll look more legitimate to your customers.

The local business verified badge on the new Facebook page layout 2016

It’s pretty simple to get this setup. Click on the word “Settings” in the top right corner, then “Page Verification” is the third option down. All you need to do is enter a business phone number, which Facebook will call to give you a verification code. Alternatively, you might need to provide business documentation – just scan it in and upload.

Action 3: verify your business! Click on Settings then follow the instructions under Page Verification.


Your page username (previously known as your vanity URL) appears just below your company name. This is now used for a number of purposes. Firstly, it’s the text that appears after in the web address. Secondly, users can search for you on Messenger using it. Check out our article on vanity URLs for more info.

Page username on the new Facebook page layout 2016

To set your username, head to your About section (normally the second option down in the left-hand menu). Username is the third option down – hover over it and click edit, the enter the username you want.

Note that if your page is very new, Facebook may require you to have at least 25 fans before claiming a username.

Action 4: claim your username in the About menu.

Call To Action Button

The Facebook page Call To Action Button has been made even more prominent in this new page design. It’s now the big blue button under the right-hand side of your cover photo.

Call To Action button on the new Facebook page layout 2016

You can choose from a number of text options, including Send Message, Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, Call Now, Contact Us and Learn More. Depending on your choice, you can enter a link for users to be directed to, or even an app when users are on a mobile device. Tempted to go for one of the more conventional CTAs, such as Contact Us? Why not try out Send Message to make the action a super easy step for your page visitors.

If you do link to a website, make sure to check that it works on both desktop and mobile.

Action 5: add a CTA button to your Facebook Page or edit your existing one, and test it.


Speaking about Messenger, more and more users are choosing to contact pages through Messenger… Meaning you need to make sure it’s set up right! There’s a lot more customisation options here than you’d think.

Click Settings in the top right corner, then the second option down in the left-hand menu – Messaging. The bit that’s really interesting is under Response Assistant. Just go through all the options and set them up.

First, you can let customers know how quickly you will reply to messages. It’s always best to be realistic here, so your customers don’t expect an instant response if you check your messages once per day. If you do check your messages once per day, it might be a nice touch to add an Away Message and/or an Instant Reply, such as a number or email to reach you on for more urgent enquiries.

Finally, set up a Messenger Greeting. This is the text that pops up in the chat screen before you send any messages to that person. It can be a cute way of expressing your personality before they’ve even clicked send.

Messenger greeting on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Action 6: set up your Response Assistant (under Settings->Messaging), including response time, Away Messages, Instant Replies and a Messenger Greeting.

Page Tabs

Let’s move over to that left-hand sidebar. This is a list of all your page tabs. If your Facebook page has been around for a few years you might have some options on there you don’t even remember adding!

The default ones are About, Photos, Likes, Videos, Events, Reviews and Posts, but you may see a few extras on yours.

Tabs sidebar in the new Facebook page layout 2016


You might see, usually third down on the list, an option called Services or Shop. This is a relatively new Facebook feature which allows you to showcase your products and services directly on Facebook.

Shop is particularly exciting, as it allows you to sell directly through your page, using Stripe as the payment processor. You can list as many products as you want, and the entire flow – purchase, payment, shipping, cancellations, etc – can be managed through Facebook. Unfortunately, this is still in testing at the moment. It may not be available to you yet, but keep an eye on your page if your business would find this feature handy. Here’s what a Shop looks like, and here’s some extended instructions on how to set it up.

The Services tab, while it has been rolled out fully, is a little less fully featured. You can upload a photo and some supporting text, but so far there’s no way to actually interact with the services as a user. To set it up, just click on Services then the big “Add a Service” button. Fill in the details, upload a picture, and you’re away. Don’t forget to check “Published” on the right-hand side to make sure visitors can see your available options.

Adding a service to your Services Tab on the new Facebook page layout 2016

The best bit is that your top services/products are shown directly on your Facebook Page front. They will be one of the first things your page visitors see. There are also rumours that other sections such as Menus will be added at some point.

Services on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Action 7: set up your Services or Shop tab.

Other Tabs

When checking the Social Quirk page after the update, we discovered that it actually had a very old tab, added back when we were called Social Quirk Events! Our Blog Posts tab is still very handy, but it was essential to go back and redesign it with our up to date branding.

Blog posts custom tab on the new Facebook page layout 2016

We use Shortstack to create Facebook Page Tabs for ourselves and clients. If you have any information you’d like to display on your page then go have a play around with it. It’s pretty user-friendly, and it makes it very easy to add tabs to your page – plus it’s free if you don’t mind a bit of branding on your tabs.

Happy with what extra tabs you have on there? Great! Now click on Manage Tabs at the bottom of the sidebar menu. Here you can reorder your tabs, putting the important ones at the top and less interesting ones towards the bottom.

Action 8: add any new tabs you’d like using Shortstack, update or remove any old tabs and rearrange your tabs using Manage Tabs.

Right Hand Sidebar

Let’s shuffle over to the right. In this sidebar, you have a ton of extra information. It can be a bit overwhelming, so let’s break it down.


First things first, your business category is more prominent now, in a box right under your Call To Action button. This is also where your location and opening times will appear. A little further down the page, your About box gives some more insight into your business. The prominence of these sections means it will be super obvious if any info is missing or incorrect.

About section on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Take this opportunity to check your About section as a whole. Click on About (second down in your tabs list) and go through the options on the page, making sure your data is as complete and up to date as possible. Throw in as many keywords as possible in your description sections (short and long).

Action 9: double check your about section, fill out any sections which aren’t complete and update any out-of-date information.

Pages Feed

It is possible for your page to Like other pages. There are two reasons why you’ll want to double-check who you like as your page.

About halfway down the right sidebar, there is a section called Liked By This Page. This means that any pages your page likes will be visible to page visitors – so be careful when considering which pages you like!

Pages liked by your page on the new Facebook page layout 2016

To like a page as your page, navigate to the target page then click on the More button (underneath the cover photo, next to Like and Message). There is an option here called “Like as your page”, just click on that and select which page to like it as.

Like a page as your page on the new Facebook page layout 2016

In the section just under the search bar (a lifesaver when looking for old posts you’ve shared, by the way), there is an option called See Pages Feed. This is where you can go to see all the posts by pages you like. Fill it up with thought leaders, suppliers and your clients, and it’ll be a great place to visit when looking for content to share.

Action 10: check what pages you have liked, and go like some relevant ones, then check them out in Pages Feed.

Visitor Posts

Also on that right-hand sidebar is a section called Visitor Posts (sometimes called Posts To Page). It’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Anytime another user comments on your Facebook page, their post will appear here.

Visitor posts on the new Facebook page layout 2016

First things first, double check that you are aware of what has been posted here. If there’re any posts which have crept on without you being notified, I’d recommend checking your notification settings (under Settings -> Notifications). This is often where people post compliments and complaints about your business, so it’s essential to keep an eye on what’s being said to you! It’s good practice to like and reply to as many of these comments as possible.

Another common mistake is when Page owners accidentally comment on their own page. If you see posts by yourself that you intended to post directly as your page, bear this in mind when you next come to make a post and double-check that it says “Posting as <your Page>” in the top right corner of the status box.

Action 11: check out your Visitor Posts section, tweak your notifications if necessary, and make sure all the comments are supposed to be there.

Stats at a Glance

There are a ton of stats that you can get about your Facebook page within the Insights tab, which we’ll cover another time. Handily, Facebook puts a lot of the most important ones directly on your Page (don’t worry, visitors can’t see them!).

The “this week” tab directly under your status box tells you some key stats. First up is your post reach. This is the number of people who had one of your posts appear on their screen – either in their News Feed or by coming to your Page directly. The little arrow next to it indicates whether this is more or less than last week and, even cooler, if you hover over it, it will tell you how much more/less. Hover a bit longer and you’ll see how your three most recent posts performed, reach wise. Next up is website clicks, which is the number of clicks to your website through your profile (not clicks on links that you share, FYI). Finally, the last section is reserved for your Call To Action, and shows how many people have clicked that button in the past week.

Stats on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Last but not least, over in your right-hand sidebar, roughly level to the This Week section, you can see your number of likes (and check-ins, if enabled), and how many took place in the past week.

Action 12: take a look at your Facebook stats and familiarise yourself with how to find them.

Do a Twirl

That’s it! How does your page look now? Pretty great? Fantastic!

One last thing before we go. Your Facebook page may look pretty great on your end, but it’s always worth going in to see how it looks to a page visitor when you’ve finished doing some tweaks. Click on More (next to Like and Message under your header) and select “View as Page Visitor” from the dropdown.

View as Page Visitor on the new Facebook page layout 2016

Action 13: view your page as a visitor to check it all looks awesome on that end.

Why not take the opportunity for a bit of a spring clean of your page? Click here to download a handy checklist containing all the action points from this blog post, so you can make sure you haven’t missed anything out!

Once your page is looking all shiny and new, why not post a link to it in the comments. We’ll be sharing the best looking new pages on our social media over the coming weeks.

Don’t fancy the idea of doing it yourself? We can do it for you – just message us to find out more…!

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