Social Quirk

The name may be a little misleading.

We’ve been in business for FOUR YEARS on 18th October, so we’re throwing FOUR DAYS worth of party, not just the one.

Some might say we take our birthday a little too seriously. I mean, at this rate, by the time we turn 30, our birthday will last an entire month… though we’re not sure why that would be a bad thing!

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I’ve been in Leeds for about six weeks now, and starting to feel settled in. So how’s it going?

I’ll be honest, I completely underestimated the culture shift between Surrey and Leeds. Having spent six weeks in New York City, I felt I was pretty prepared to start afresh in a new city, especially an English one. How different could it be?

leeds headrow

The answer is VERY. There are some times I feel like I’ve moved to a whole other world (particularly when I’m trying to figure the logic of “thi sen” meaning “yourself”).

But it’s more than a language barrier. The big differences are:

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It’s a little unfortunate that it’s fallen to today for us to share this news, but we assure you it’s not an April Fool.

Social Quirk is heading to Leeds!

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The start of the year is always exciting for us – because we know that tons of people will be thinking, “maybe this year is the year I should start taking social media seriously”. Which means we get to show a lot more people how to really shine online.

To help you guys make the most of the first few weeks of 2016, we’ve put together a pretty neat offer:

until the end of the month, for every social media strategy plan we sell, we’ll throw in a half-day training session too

That means, not only will you receive a comprehensive document telling you when, where and what to post, you’ll get us onsite to teach you how to get the most out of whichever platforms you’re using, as well as some of our sneaky tips to reduce the time and energy you have to expend.

To take advantage of this offer, just contact us (by any means you like: email, phone, contact form, Twitter, etc…) and mention the offer. We’ll get your plan started and your training booked in no time!

If you want to see what trends we reckon 2016 has in store, take a look at our latest blog post.

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What more is there to say this week, but simply…

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