If you haven’t navigated to your Facebook page recently, you may have missed how different it looks these days!

New Facebook page layout as seen on the Social Quirk page

We talked a little bit about what’s changed and how fantastic this new layout is in our Live Stream last week (you can catch it here if you haven’t seen it).

Lots of people set up their Facebook pages and forget about them. When did you set up your page – 5 months ago? 5 years ago? Do you know that everything is still current? Does it all still look as great as it did on day one? Do you think your customers might be getting a little bored of your photos?

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Speaking plainly, a vanity URL is a pretty looking URL, with no long numbers, random characters, hyphens, slashes or other weird looking punctuation. It’s the sort of URL where you could tell someone “visit me at facebook.com/socialquirk”, rather than “oh, it’s really long, I’ll email it”. It’s also known as your Facebook username.

how to facebook url bar

The benefits of this are pretty clear. But it’s not the most obvious setting to change, and for some users there are limitations on when you can get a vanity URL for your business page.

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The new release of the Facebook Messenger stand-alone app has got a lot of people up in arms about the apparent privacy concerns. But to be honest, it’s all complete rubbish.

A friend of mine shared this video on my Facebook, and this has finally prompted me to write this blog post. If you haven’t heard any of the controversy, I encourage you to go take a look at it – I’m about to rip it to shreds.

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What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a page?

The difference may be subtle to the casual social networker, but the functionality offered by a Facebook page is vastly different to that offered by a personal profile.

A Facebook profile is what you get when you first sign up for Facebook. You enter an email address and a password, and a personal profile is created for you under this account.

A Facbeook page is created by a personal account, for businesses, brands, organisations and celebrities.

You only get one personal profile, however each account can create and manage multiple Pages, and Pages can be managed by multiple accounts.

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