Want to be awesome at Social Media?

Social networking is the number one activity on the web, with over half of the UK population on one platform or another.

Being present is only half the battle – being active and engaging is how social media wins you business. Social Quirk is here to help with that.


Social Media Strategy Packages

Do you know how well you’re currently doing on social media, or what you’re doing next? Without a good strategy in place your social media efforts are scattershot at best.

Our Strategy Plans are utterly comprehensive and easy to put into practice, meaning you’ll start doing better on social media straight away.

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Set-Up and Revamp Packages

We’ll make sure your pages look fantastic, are optimised for search, and that you’re getting all the notifications you need (and none of the ones you don’t).

Great looking pages are the best foundation to start building your social media empire on!

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Social Media Training Packages

Whether you want to work on the basics of Facebook or dig down into the details of optimising your Twitter presence, we can create a training plan tailored to your requirements.

We also run open training sessions on social media usage and strategy.

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Mini Social Media Support Packages

On a bit of a budget? Our mini services give you great value social media support with a smaller price tag.

Whether you need a voice to answer your questions or someone to keep an eye on your posts, we can help!

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Support and Maintenance Packages

So your social media pages are looking great – now you need to make sure you keep posting good content and measuring your engagement.

We have a range of retained services to help you improve how you use Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. Our ongoing support will keep social media at the front of your mind and your business at the front of the pack.

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Need some help with your Social Media?

We are currently taking on new social media clients, so if you would like some advice from Social Quirk, please get in touch today!